About Us

TurnAround provides services to survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking in Baltimore County and Baltimore City, and survivors of human trafficking in Howard County. We are a designated rape crisis center, a comprehensive domestic violence center, and launched Maryland’s first comprehensive anti-trafficking program in 2011.

Starting in 1979, we opened our doors to serve survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence in Baltimore County. In 1995, we expanded to provide services in Baltimore City to respond to gaps in services for sexual assault survivors. In 2000, we became TurnAround, Inc., “the first place to turn”. In 2011, we launched a comprehensive program focused on commercial sexual exploitation – the first of its kind in the state.

Who We Are


TurnAround’s mission is to educate, empower, and advocate for all people impacted by intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking.


Ending and preventing violence and abuse by working together with survivors, their support systems, and our communities.

TurnAround's History


TurnAround was founded
as the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center (SADVC) serving Baltimore County and operations began in earnest in 1979. Until 1981, SADVC was the only center dedicated to helping this population in the County.


We expanded our services
to support survivors in Baltimore City.


We changed our name to Second Step, Inc.
to celebrate 20 years of service to the community.


In celebration of the new millennium,
we became TurnAround, Inc., the first place to turn.


We received a total of 445 calls to our helpline,
an average of about 37 calls per month – half of what we receive on a monthly basis today (2023).


We initiated a comprehensive program
focused on commercial sexual exploitation – the first of its kind in the state.


Amanda Rodriguez,
a former Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore County and Special Assistant United States Attorney who oversaw the state-wide implementation of policy and protocol related to human trafficking in Maryland, is appointed Executive Director.


Our Executive Director and Senior Director pen an op-ed
the myth of the perfect victim,” in the Baltimore Sun


TurnAround continues
to provide free services to survivors of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and human trafficking in Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Howard County.

Our Services

We provide free wraparound services for survivors of human trafficking, sexual abuse and intimate partner violence. These include trauma therapy, case management, advocacy and more.

We Believe in

  • An accessible open door
  • Supporting people of all identities
  • Adapting to each individual’s needs and goals
  • Improving outcomes through education and awareness
  • Strengthening care through collaboration and innovation
  • We believe all survivors

Over 1,100 new enrollments into our many programs in FY23

41% increase in Advocacy and Resource Program enrollments in FY23