TurnAround is the rape crisis center for Baltimore City and County.

After hours Crisis line: 443-279-0379

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Awareness and education regarding human trafficking, intimate-partner and sexual violence is key supporting survivors and preventing future violence. These issues may be greatly impacted by your involvement.

There are lots of ways you can help:

1) Become a TurnAround volunteer.

2) Invite a TurnAround speaker to discuss these issues.

3) Fight for the passage of legislation on this topic.

4) Attend a TurnAround event.

5) Donate.

For more information on any of these, please contact us.


If you want to volunteer to support men, women and children that are affected by intimate partner and sexual violence, TurnAround can provide many opportunities.
We offer volunteer opportunities that range from helpline assistance, administrative support, social media ambassadorship to working in our Drop-In Center, and through our case management and advocacy programs.
To become a volunteer please complete the application, please click here. If you have question about becoming a volunteer, contact TurnAround’s Community Engagement Team at info@turnaroundinc.org or aevans@turnaroundinc.org

Request a Speaker

We love to share our experiences working in this field with others. Whether you want training specific to your interaction with survivors or a general awareness presentation – we are able to provide expert speakers. It is the goal of TurnAround is to ensure an impactful and meaningful experience. We will be more than happy to work with you to schedule as many days as necessary to serve your group.
To learn more requesting a speaker click here. :

Learn More

Below are some examples of the types of training we offer for professionals and the community:

Staff/Professional Trainings:

We do offer staff and professional trainings. Staff trainings range from 60 minutes to day long sessions.

Community/Professional Trainings:

Our Community Education and Training offers presentations for a wide range of audiences. Our training topics include, but are not limited to, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, stalking, teen dating violence and human trafficking.

Our audiences include colleges/universities, community organizations, military personnel, business, medical staff, schools, faith-based institutions and more. Trainings may range from 60 minutes today long sessions.

What we need from you:

We recommend you reach out to our team as soon as you can in regards your training needs.We do offer weekend and evening sessions however those slots go quickly. Every effort will be made to accommodate your ideal training date.Contact us with two or three dates you prefer,the location & time of the training & a member of our team will follow up with you within 3-4 business days.

Below are some examples of our education programs:

Educational Programs for Children and Youth

Elementary School

Boundaries and Body Safety- Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

This presentation is filled with activities that empower children with self-love and respect. Students learn that they are the boss of their bodies and help them recognize personal boundaries. Recognizing personal boundaries allows them to respect the boundaries of others. The Boundaries and Body Safety presentation uses a variety of learning materials such as art projects, games involving physical activity, and videos to teach children about how to interact with strangers and about different kinds of abuse. In particular, this curriculum focuses on helping children identify what to do and who to tell if either a stranger or someone close to them hurts them. *Note: this presentation requires a TV/DVD player to be provided by the schools.

When Home Isn’t Safe: Children and Domestic Violence

This curriculum focuses on the effects of Domestic Violence on children. The educational component of this program works on teaching the children how to stay safe when violence erupts. When Home Isn’t Safe works toward helping children understand how to talk to an adult about their situation. This presentation can be offered in coordination or conjunction with a therapeutic group for children identified by their teachers as being exposed to Domestic Violence.
Our audiences include colleges/universities, community organizations, military personnel, business, medical staff, schools, faith-based institutions and more. Trainings may range from 60 minutes today long sessions.

Middle School

Developing Healthy Relationships & Preventing Sexual Harassment

This program is a comprehensive overview of sexual harassment, assault, and dating violence tailored to a middle school audience. Generally, before sexual assault teens first experience sexual harassment and/or abusive relationships. Therefore, students must know how to respond to these situations. Developing Healthy Relationships uses interactive and engaging activities to promote discussion among students and help them explore the differences between flirting and sexual harassment. Teens participate in discussions on violence, gender roles and expectations, and healthy relationships. This program seeks to prevent sexual and domestic abuse before it starts by teaching students, skills for healthy relationships.

High School

Developing Healthy Relationships & Preventing Teen Dating Violence

The Preventing Teen Dating Violence presentation uses interactive activities and discussions to establish a standard of appropriate behaviors in dating relationships for middle and high school students. It addresses boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and encourages the students to identify behaviors that are potentially abusive. It also educates students on the prevalence and causes of sexual abuse and assault and its connections to gender roles and expectations. This program seeks to prevent sexual and domestic abuse by fostering equality, respect, trust, reciprocity, and communication as instrumental in healthy relationships.

Educational Training Program Logistics

**Our standard presentations are designed to be one-time sessions that fit into Baltimore City and County’s health curriculum. In-depth and long-term sessions are also available and encouraged. **

Time Frame:

Elementary Schools: Each session should be allotted about 30 to 45 minutes

*Note: this presentation requires a TV/VCR to be provided by the scho

Middle Schools: Each session should be allotted about 45 to 60 minutes

High Schools: Each session should be allotted about 45 to 60 minutes

What We Need From You

Our staff will provide all presentation materials (i.e. handouts, video, etc.) while some presentations require additional audio/visual support, this will be discussed at the time that you schedule your presentation(s). We do request that our team be provided with the following materials to ensure a successful program:
  • Designated contact person and school personnel in the room at all times
  • Full itinerary for the day(s) scheduled (Itinerary should be emailed at least one week in advance. A sample schedule may be provided.)

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