TurnAround is the rape crisis center for Baltimore City and County.

After hours Crisis line: 443-279-0379

Legal Services

Legal Advocacy

Survivors have rights. A TurnAround advocate protects those rights by collaborating with a survivor to understand their options and to support their decisions. Advocates ensure that a survivor's decisions are respected and protected, especially with police, investigators, medical responders and the court system.

A TurnAround Legal Advocate

  • Helps the survivor understand their options and make decisions about their next steps.
  • Supports those  decisions.
  • Demands that the survivor’s rights and decisions be respected throughout the process.
  • Ensures that the individual has access to information and resources.

  • Accompanies a survivor to court, interviews, and hearings.
  • Assists with reporting to police, school and other authorities
  • Provides follow-up support after emergency room visit and forensic exam

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