TurnAround is the rape crisis center for Baltimore City and County.

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We love to share our experiences working in this field with others. Whether you want a general awareness presentation or a customized training specific to your audience we can provide expert speakers. It is the goal of TurnAround to ensure an impactful and meaningful experience. We will be more than happy to work with you to schedule as many days as necessary to serve your group.
To schedule a presentation or if you have any questions and want to learn more, please contact our Community Engagement and Training team at:

Request a Speaker

Email: http://communityengagement@turnaroundinc.org

Phone: (410) 837-7000

If possible, please include the following information in your request:
  • Your name and contact info including phone number and email address
  • Name of your organization, school, or company, as well as the city
  • Dates or range of dates you would like to schedule your training(s)
  • Time of day you would like to schedule your training(s)
  • Topic(s) you are interested in (see below)
  • Type of audience (youth, adult, college aged, professional staff training, etc.)
  • Approximate number of audience members in your group

Our Trainings

Below are some examples of the topics we offer for youth, adults, and professionals in our community. We offer trainings during the work and school week, as well as evening and weekend sessions. Evening and weekend sessions are limited, so we recommend that you try and schedule these as far in advance as possible. Every effort will be made to accommodate your ideal training date.
We recognize that all these issues affect individuals differently based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class, and more. All our presentations are gender neutral and LGBTQIA inclusive, and with every presentation we do, we aim to affirm as many different experiences as possible.
All our topics are adapted to be age and culturally appropriate depending on the group and when requested.
All our trainings include segments on TurnAround support services and other important resources for survivors.
Our staff will provide all presentation materials and some presentations require audio/visual support.

Staff, Professional, and Adult Community Member Trainings:

ese sessions are appropriate for any kind of company or organization. Survivors come from different backgrounds and often not aware of the help that is available to them within their community. All of our trainings include segments on TurnAround support services and other important resources for survivors. Sessions range from 60 minutes to day-long sessions. Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Human Trafficking in Maryland
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment

Educational Programs for Children and Youth:

All our educational sessions for children and youth are 100% free. We offer these sessions during class times, after school club meetings, or however works best for you. For K-12 students, we do not encourage offering sessions during assemblies or groups larger than a class size. We often come to schools and spend multiple days in a row there all day to meet with as many groups as possible – no ask is too large for us!
Topics include, but are not limited to:

Elementary Schools

Time frame – 30-45 mins

  • Body Safety and Autonomy
  • Understanding Personal Boundaries
  • Children and Domestic Violence
  • Unpacking Gender Norms

Middle School

Timeframe: 45-60 mins

  • Preventing and Understanding Sexual Harassment
  • Understanding Personal Boundaries
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Introduction to Teen Dating Violence
  • Warning Signs of Human Trafficking

High School

Timeframe: 45-90 mins

  • Preventing and Understanding Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Violence through an Intersectional Lens
  • Psychology of Victim Blaming
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Human Trafficking in Maryland
For high school and college aged groups, we can adapt our trainings to be relevant for Peer Educators, Resident Advisors, and more.
Contact us today to book your educational session and training!

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