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Response Center

What is the Response "Center"?


Are you opening a new facility or program?

No, the Crisis Response “Center” is not a physical space but a model or practice that involves a collective commitment and effort in responding to survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking after the crime has occurred. The Crisis Response “Center” is responsible for the design of this model and for ensuring that it was done through innovation and collaboration to then educate others on how to implement this practice.

What is the purpose of this?

This model or practice intends to create a systemic and collaborative effort to reduce relational violence and exploitation in Maryland as a whole and create safer communities.

What is the goal of this “Center”?

The Crisis Response “Center” serves to:

  • Standardize best practices for survivor-centered crisis response.

  • Explore and innovate 24/7 crisis response models.

  • Improve warm handoffs through system-wide collaboration.

  • Develop measurement framework for crisis response programs.

Who is involved with this?

This systemwide effort is a project led by the Safe Future's Collaborative Maryland funded through the Governor's Office for Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services.

There are 4 “Centers” under the Safe Future’s Collaborative Project that is essential in providing a continuum of care for survivors using a wholistic approach to address these abuses and violence.

The Other 4 “Centers” are:

Prevention Center: Stopping violence before it starts and is led by Family Crisis Center.

Response Center: Crisis response once violence has occurred and is led by TurnAround Inc.

Empowerment Center: Post crisis support or “after care” for victims of violence to improve self-sufficiency and break the cycle of violence in families and is led by Midshore Community Foundation.

Knowledge Center: Providing an easily accessible platform for content, tools, and training led by House of Ruth Maryland.

What will happen next?

  • On June 2nd TurnAround is hosting a meeting with partners and survivors to begin the work to recommend improving the warm hand off coordination for survivors.

  • Please come back to visit our website and stay tuned to see more information on the development of the Amplified Response Model.

Please save the date for Sept 18th, 2021 for an official launch of the Amplified Response Model.

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