Stephanie Gonzalez

Howard County Program Manager

Stephanie Gonzalez received her Bachelors in 2012 from Trinity Lutheran College. She has been working in the field of human trafficking services since 2016. Ms. Gonzalez developed her expertise after spending several years as a case manager providing support to human trafficking survivors of many gender identities, ages, and nationalities, notably from Latin America. She currently serves as TurnAround, Inc.’s Human Trafficking Program Manager in Howard County, Maryland – providing critical support with the agency’s recent expansion to a new jurisdiction, as well as oversight and management of staff tasked with providing emergency shelter, trauma therapy and intensive case management to survivors of sex and labor trafficking. Prior to working at TurnAround, Stephanie was employed by North County Lifeline – Project Life, a comprehensive human trafficking agency in San Diego, California, where she held several positions, including Program Manager – providing oversight of case management and clinical staff.