Tania Araya

Director of Programs

Tania Araya holds a B.S. in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania and a MSW from the University of Maryland; and has been in the intimate partner violence and sexual assault field and treatment since 1990.

Most recently, she worked as the manager of the Family Violence Response Program at Mercy Medical Center, where she focused on serving patients who experienced sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking and improving healthcare organizations’ and professionals’ understanding and treatment of abuse.

Tania is the proud daughter of a native Baltimorean with long standing roots in the city and an Ethiopian immigrant. She is a serious baker and amateur genealogist (“don’t ask unless you want to be held hostage with her stories”). She considers herself a bit of a history geek and has come to realize the importance of historical context when researching her ancestors. Tania lives in Baltimore with her husband Tony and her dog Storm, the cutest Pitbull ever.


Email: taraya@turnaroundinc.org

Phone: 410-377-8111